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  This is a default setup of  Campbell's Butchery
To see Products or Services use Menu Bar top left on your PC your Computer or Tablet in Categories top left as well.
Mobiles use parallel lines at top or navigation bar.
Repairs & Sales  e-commerce shopping cart solution, products shown are for demonstration purposes, any products purchased will not be delivered nor will the customer be billed. Any information seen on these products is to be treated as fictional.......................................................
This Shopping Cart can be configured for your Business. Contact the owner Glen Innes Campbell's Butchery Sales  and will organise a Shopping Cart for you.
For more information about E-Commerce Online Shopping.
 Click red text  More about Shopping Cart   and use top left arrow to go back here .
Paying products this Shopping Cart uses PayPal you can have an account with them or not. You can also use your Credit Card so click PayPal and then you go into their security
section to pay safely. For that reason there is no need to have the https on this Shopping Cart, because no pay transactions on it.  All transaction through PayPal.