Your Life, Bible and you., Writer Hendrik de Jong, Deepwater NSW
Your Life-is... Does the Bible have a place?
You Life-is... Empty, if you ignore the Bible


If you go onto the Home page here, index page
you will see a * at end of a chapter and that is where I am working.
just go to Menu and you will see the star.
Using this you are covering material I use current in my time with Jesus Christ.

I am working in before Mark 9 . Date 12-7-2016. See menu bar.

Isaiah 53 has been placed here for you to read because it is the most astounding
chapter about Jesus Christ so have a read in Menu Genesis +

2016 what you are seeing is a draft to be edited. I apologise for errors etc

My name is Hendrik and this site is for all Devices, PC Desktop, Tablets and Mobiles
This "Your Life" is being developed . To be finished January 2017.
also a 2nd Online Book . Bible, "Your Life" Both are user friendly reads.
You will find both in my web site "You Must Repent."

Hendrik chosen by God to talk about the Bible. Yes!"

Hendrik de jong.

I clearly had the call to be a Christian at 11 years of age and you can
see in my manuscript
Revelation you can Understand
Yes you can understand Revelation and now read the introduction in it and you will see my call from Jesus.

The Bible:
what is it to you?
Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, You. Me, others
So what??

I have found the Bible to be alive and I want to share my findings with you.

The World treats the Christian as another Holy Book
are they right?

Even the Christian Churches have views about the Bible.
Every single different Denomination has various views about the Bible
are they right?

Even you have views about the Bible
are you right?,

Even I have views about the Bible
am I right?

If you have read "Your Life then the rest of this page is similar. Go straight into the Introduction."

My whole life has been directed by God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and I spent 4 years at a college in Queensland that happened because I had the pull in me I needed more Religious studies so I left with a Diploma. Even at the college I knew I had to be at the college to study, but when I was asked what was my call, the reason. I could only answer, "I knew I had to come, but why, well...."
Looking back I now know I needed to study because the focus of the college was understanding the Bible and in that area I would have been hindered without a deeper understanding of the Bible that the college gave me.
The call to be an Evangelist never ever came from Man, but I know I had it in me right from the beginning I was an Evangelist and that is what I have always done, at school, and now.
The proof that I am an Evangelist, is... I do it.

Read 1st the Introduction. "Your Life" and is "My Life". God is alive and active in the World and in you. and in "Your Life" E-Book, I have a friend who is revealed later and I have had to seriously think about, Destiny, Luck, Chance, Co-incidence, Pre-destined. I wonder what you think as your read?
I hope you also discovered that I am not a false prophet but I have been called by God. My whole existence is energised by the living Jesus Christ who is reigning today at the right hand of God.

Plane crashing. Are you in the plane or me? Are you controlling circumstances?

There is a lot to learn and it is important we do not lose control of what we are trying to achieve. There are two goals. The first is, to have a close walk with Jesus Christ and get to know the Bible so we can do what Jesus wants us to do.
The second is, if you have not met Jesus Christ I hope you find Jesus Christ the son of the living God I serve.

Skills need

Hey have a read

This site has all the relevant information of "Your Life-is." Important to me, but what about you..

"Your Life" did not arrive out of nowhere. It is Jesus active in my life and you. and this E-Book is alive driving on until we all reach the Promised Land.

Bible is food

The Bible
is our

WE know, if we starve, no food, we injure ourselves. The Bible is our food, to starve here can injure ourselves

Hitting to stick

Hit us with a bat

The interesting question is whether we have the ears to hear and perceive what comes our way. People hear and talk, but not the walk. Let us change today. Now!

Often we have to be hit & hit again to understand. If it works fine. I have to revise, revise before a concept sink in, me. There are so many lessons for us to learn that can be insights we miss. Be alert not to miss insights that help us. Use "Your Life" to help you.


Be a blessing. Not divisions

Be a blessing where ever you are. This is so important to understand. We are the light. Shiiing examples we should be. We bring peace not divisions.

Be alert not to miss insights that help us.

Use "Your Life" to help you.

Project 3
To come

How about your own project.
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Project 4
To come

Your Bible is critical to your life. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and you
Read regularly»

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