Armageddon Houston, Megachurch, Aspiration.
"Armageddon Houston."

"Armageddon" is about Aspiration a Church in Houston USA
Membership 50, 000. A battle is happening that will destroy Aspiration. Will it be saved.
Players, Hendrik, Hope, Robert, Fiona, Sally, Mary the Harlot, Satan, Ralph, Charles, Apollyon, Jezebel, Ruth, Deborah and not the last, God, Jesus and Gabriel.
"Serves you right,"said Lucifer. What!

1/ E-Book. Armageddon. God. Jesus. What!
2/ Houston, Texas, Aspiration Church 50,000 Members
3/ Hope, Hendrik and Hope.
4/ Sally, Hary the Harlot, Fiona.
5/ Ralph, Satan, Apollyon
6/ Charles, Jezebel, Ruth.
7/ God. Jesus, Gabriel, Deborah. A welcome. Yes!

Welcome to my E-Book "Armageddon Houston."

What a journey you will experience

Setting: Home Information

"Armageddon Houston." was published November 2016 .

This page simple shows where Armageddon came from and the players can be seen further down the page. Click image to look at my novel Armageddon Houston. Armageddon
The completed novel is over 213 pages and can be purchased here in Amazon Kindle Books. $6.61.
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Armageddon, Houston, Aspiration. $6.61.

Aspiration church is a fiction story a few miles from Lakewood church Houston.

Enjoy the Aspiration church a megachurch similar to Lakewood church.

"Armageddon Houston." It will appear as an E-Book such as Kindle. See Kindle Books .

The Goal for "Armageddon Houston." is to be a good read and in the process for you to thirst for a closer walk with Jesus Christ. If you are not in the Kingdom of God come. Jesus invites you to come. Come!

My name is Hendrik de Jong and I live in Deepwater Australia. Houston America which is where the action is about 13000 kilometres away. I am the Writer and started the work on the novel, 2014

"Armageddon, Houston can be "Your Life" This novel came out of my personal walk with Jesus Christ a living God active in my life and your life. "Your Life" is "My Life." "My life" can be "Your Life," or it might be now.

Aspiration is a 50,000 seat Church and being the largest Church in America is the core of "Armageddon, church called Aspiration." Players are trying to take over Aspiration from Hope Israel who is Senior Pastor.

Each Player is a complete journey or life for that person. A favorite you can see their life. Hopes and disasters.

"Armageddon Houston, a megachurch." is based in the Bible. The Player's concepts and action find their home in the Bible. Revelation is at the bottom on the left here

Enjoy the journey and if you want to help me you can. I am an Evangelist chosen by God not Man


About Hendrik

Not as young as I use to be I decided to write this E-Book because I can and if you want to look where I live click below.

Hendrik & Ann's house

To find out more detail of my journey go to my introduction in my manuscript "Revelation You Can Understand." put this in Google or click below.

Here to read my about my life

Do read

Your Life is?

You life is precious and this E-Book "Your Life" is designed to be a decent story to read and to help you to find out about how the living God works. The God I serve.

Yes Read

Some of the Players

I hope you are not dismayed as you read what is happening to the people in this novel. Life has its hopes and disasters. The interesting question is whether the living God can achieve his goals with people. In other words do people listen to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

Hey! Read!

Gallery of the players

You can look at the players you like and follow theirs lives. Do not be to shocked that Jesus had to bring Hendrik that is me and I live in Deepwater over to Houston. Aspiration Church
Hey do have a read and listen

The below pharagraph 2/ are the key words you can use for Christian Keywords, Teachers, Pastors, Vicars, Fathers, Lay Preachers can be used for Google and more.

1/ The gallery you see has most of the players in my "Your Life." From "Hey You" you see, Me, Fiona and item with Ralph, Apollyon the manager of the Pit in Revelation, Charles smiley big teeth Property Management Head in Aspiration. Fiona the dancer the wife of Robert, The Devil. Skeleton which a lot of people are as good as dead. Ruth an affair with Hope. Hope Senior Pastor of Aspiration. Disaster money burnt supporting the church. Skeleton trumpet are trumpeting their victory. Two skeletons working together. Ralph a skull. Trying to take over Aspiration. Harlot, Mary seduce Hope. Deborah hired out flats. Robert was to be a replacement of Hope.
So go to the top Menu and start reading. I say. Enjoy your read.

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So look around and enjoy your read. "Armageddon Houston."

Someone famous Is Hendrik, or is God famous.

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