Who Cares?

People around you do not think about anything other then what is happening to them, you, me. I think that is absolutely ok, fine.

Life is full as it is and it takes up all your time. Once again that is fine. ok

All I am saying is: Yes! Live your life and while you are living your life do not forget when you are finished living your life you are going to give an account to God.

I accept most of the people on the earth and around you think this about God is rubbish. Once again that is fine, ok.

Each person makes the decision to not worry about God. Once again Fine, ok.

My job as an Evangelistic is simply to remind you there is a God, Jesus Christ who came into the world. Jesus died for people on the earth so that people can have their sins forgiven. The central message is the Cross of Calvary and God raised Jesus back to life and Jesus is with his Father and all true Christians are with Jesus now. Have a look at my Web Site www.youmustrepent.com Video etc.

Anyway enjoy your life and do the best with your life and as you know shortly you will be gone from the earth. Whatever you decide here on the earth decides your future when you die. Off course you think this is stupid. You are an idiot Hendrik. Once again, that is fine, ok

God only makes this point. Ok, you are right, or God is right. Not long you will know


I have put this Video because I believe it is true.
But you might say it is rubbish
That is fine.

There is a lot of killing everywhere

On Sunday Eastern Coast Australia is when I will do it we have looked killing. And killing has a lot of labels.

Let us have a look at it because sadness and killing is everywhere.


YouTube hs uploaded video that talks about Killing.
The Thesis for this Video and my comment is that
We, you, me, others are not to kill a person.
If we do
we will give an account to God. The people in the world do not recognize God so God is saying. Ok do what you want to do and let’s see who is correct. Are you right and you will be ok if you kill. Or is God going to be right.

3 things to think about.
1/ Do not kill.
2/ To protect out freedom if a Country, Nation is invading us and others we might have to go to war.
3/ If we kill by accident we can go to the judge to put our case that we did not with to kill that person

You might think what I say is simplicity. Life is more complicated then simply say. Do not kill.

Next time. The Video is here to see.

Hendrik is now setting up thje Church Site To Save The World

Reason to Save

Reason to Save
The interesting question is why there is a need to save and I am talking about the Christian message that lets the world population that there is a living God is, is working today and God, Jesus focus is to save people from the world that is determined to destroy themselves and the earth.

Think about yourself. Do you really believe that you live your life and when you die you stop existing?
The Bible clearly tells you that when you die you will be alive. Your body is gone but you the real you, that spirit in you that made you alive. Your body without the spirit is dead so that body has a spirit and that spirit goes back to the God that brought you into existence. God has said when you die you will give an account to God, Jesus.
It is a terrible mistake to say when you die your journey has ended. It has not the Jesus his son has shown us the there is a life after death. An after life where you will be sorry if you ignored God’s voice and happiness for those who have listened to God.

Do not ignore God’s voice.

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