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Revelation You Can Understand.
Bible Revelation involves God Jesus Holy Spirit and you. People World End times
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Bible Revelation
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People say that if you want to know what Revelation from the Bible is saying follow  Hermeneutics principles to pull out the original meaning when it was written approx 70 AD. That is true.
1/ The original hearers heard a message telling them to never give up in serving Jesus Christ and they received a message about the state of the seven churches in Asia and what was going to happen in the future. Things that were going to happen, soon. To God one day is like a thousand and a thousand like one day. No wonder Theologians who put dates on events in Revelation are proved to be wrong
2/ Yesterdays History is not good enough to understand Revelation because in 100 AD, 1000AD 1900 AD  nations rose up and fell down. Rome was dominate in 30 AD but now 2000 years a new set of Nations are dominate. United States of America dominate today, but may not be in the future. Imagine in another 100 years or in 3000AD a new set of nations would probably be dominate.
3/ So in Revelation to pick out the Horns, Heads, Crowns picking out the nations the 10 nations who give allegiance to Satan in the future can be anyone’s guess. Two nations to rise out of the 10 nations also anyone’s guess. the 666 anyone’s guess.
4/ I am clearly saying, people today are in a better position to understand Revelation, but that really depends on how long our future is. If mankind goes on for 2000 years or more, which is possible, then people in 4000 AD would have a better understanding of what Revelation is saying, because History has gone on for another thousands of years. So once again the map of nations dominate can be completely different over the years.
5/ So read Revelation, Read what Theologians say, also have a look at Hendrik’s Revelation you can understand and be cautious about what you except as being correct..


Extract. All others chapters to read are above & below. This chapter 13 is important with its time line.  Gospel proclaimed, people are saved during the Christian era, then we are moving to the end, so Babylon falls and God’s wrath falls on those who reject Jesus and in all these events Christians are encouraged to endure to the end and often the Christian journey requires sacrifice even to death. But you as a Christian be encouraged, because whatever you do for Jesus goes with you, you leave this world but in the new world you will receive your reward as a worker for Jesus Christ. As we stay immersed in chapter 13, we are in the midst of a terrible time for the earth and for the saints, it appears that a savior began to rise in this turmoil in verses 11-18 a beast rose from the earth it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. Having a like of the lamb these two nations or people who arose appeared to be harmless like a lamb, maybe like a wolf dressed like a lamb to deceive people. These two nations has immense power like the first beast (beast is a metaphor saying nations, a people etc are the beast) so great are their signs, miracles , it appeared they were even making fire come down from heaven to the earth in the sight of men. It may not a literal fire coming down but the effect the beast over men is such that to people it was as if fire was coming from God. It could also be that the beast made people think God was causing things to happen. Maybe fire can be anger more then the usual purification we know in the Bible. And it was as though the beast could speak such, was the effect of the beast. It could be that this beast had given an appeared peace on the earth so it appears as though some divine intervention in mankind so that people are tricked to pay homage to a people, nation, maybe similar to what the Israelites were supposed to be, a nation of priests. So they give homage and there is a sting because God’s people the same as the first beast written in the book of life refuse to pay homage to the second beast so they are killed. A time of delusion for a people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to be marked on the right hand or the forehead. Once again this marking is not an actual mark on the hand. 1 the fact that they decide the beast , nation or people is valid and doing wonderful things people turn their minds towards the beast giving allegiance to the beast. And the beast is in a position that the Christian people are persecuted and killed and the Christian people are unable to buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast.2 


you can Understand

a Layman’s
Interpretation the Bible and Revelation
You can watch a Video 4 minutes
The last book in the Christian Bible a revelation you can understand and makes sense because it came from God ,Jesus, Holy Spirit.
An exciting manuscript. warnings, promises, hopes, endurance, conquer, As though God opened a window. Hendrik could be right as well, that is frightening for mankind, earth, people. Wonderful for Christian’s to keep enduring persevering conquering.
First read my introduction to see I am not a false prophet.
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Introduction A  from Hendrik and the Bible and Revelation
The fact that Hendrik’s publication has been produced is a miracle, it has happened because God wanted it done and Satan has tried seven times to destroy my journey with Jesus Christ and has even tried to remove me from the earth. I became a Christian at eleven years of age in Sydney during a Billy Graham Crusade, I am now sixty one I did work now I am 64 .
The most important job I have, now that the manuscript about, Revelation you can understand. is completed, to show you I have teased out the correct understanding, and that understanding is correct and from Jesus Christ. Having made this claim of being correct I am fully away that I am a man, not a God, and do not claim infallibility.

However, it is important to you as a fellow Christian that what I have written is correct and based on research and that person is equipped to do the work. As you read my introduction you will identify with my Journey, because this method Jesus has used with me, he uses millions of times and probably with you, that way you will spot whether I am a messenger with God’s blessing. Even though most of the Bible can be understood as you read, Revelation is different in that it is written in a way that requires you to have an intimate walk with Jesus Christ, because God, Jesus, Holy Spirit opens Revelation and you need to know your Bible backwoods. If you do not know your Bible you will not have a correct understanding of Revelation, because, some material that appears to be relevant as far you can see, to understanding Revelation is not, in fact, it is not applicable to break open the meaning of the book.

What I clearly remember when I was about twenty two years of age, I petitioned God that he would not let me be deceived in my understanding about the Kingdom of God. He has answered that petition, and as I look back I would be telling a lie if I said he has let me go astray. He has not. I thank God for that. My journey with Jesus has been for fifty years and in spite of Satan’s attempt to eliminate me and my own stupidity I thank him for keeping me on the correct path in spite of what has happened to me over the years even August 2009.

Remember, the reason I have given you the
Introduction A
so that you you can
see I am not a
False Prophet.

The Bible and Revelation

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Bible Revelation involves God Jesus Holy Spirit and you. People World End times


I don’t think there is any need for me use a lot of words to talk about my journey, except to say, that for many, many years, in my soul, my mind, my dreams, circumstances, has led me to believe I had a job to be done. A job Jesus has given to me. This involves making sure I have a daily walk with my Lord and Saviour and to know my Bible as much as possible. I do a lot of memory work about the Bible, because what benefits me best is to move information from my short memory to my long memory and to do that I do a lot of revision work in the short memory, using techniques according to the rules that come from the experts in that field., and then to know when material has gone into my long memory and revision can be reduced. So revision is the norm for me and whole books of the Bible are sitting in my mind. Thinking about the Bible and Revelation

To prepare me for this publication, Revelation you can Understand, and to be skilled to do the research, and the writing, at 27 years of age I attended Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education in Lindfield in Sydney for four years. It is now called University of Technology. Then I moved to Deepwater where I have now lived  for twenty five years. At forty-eight even though I was in a full time job I could not get out of my mind that God wanted me to go to a College for training, so even though I had no way of going I kept thinking I should, so finally I applied with the :

Baptist College in Brisbane1 Now called Maylon College.2 There I stayed four years part time study so it took four years to get a Diploma of Ministries. The study was critical for my Evangelistic work and my study of the Bible . I found the first year valuable in putting together the Bible as a whole and my Christian work. During my studies at the Baptist College I had a stroke from which I recovered completely. From there I went to University in Armidale about two hours drive from Deepwater. I studied for four years full time to receive two degrees Sociology and Asian Studies. Then I started doing WEB Sites for Small Business, developing WEB Sites people could afford and and their business to be on the first page of Google usually. That is my work today. However, 2009, January to August bowel Cancer arrived and I am recovering today. I travel to Armidale each Monday for light Chemotherapy which takes about half an hour, this treatment will take me to Christmas. As a note it is now August 2012  my health is great as you can see by the Videos I have started to put at the top of each chapter starting Revelation Chapter 21- 22 and going back to Chapter 1. I thank the Lord for my health and am on fire for the Gospel of our wonderful saviour Jesus Christ

So my studies has enabled me to do research and put together a publication. So far I have planned three publications. The first, Revelation you can Understand. is completed, I am offering this to you right now, by Email or post. To follow, three small publications called, What is the resurrection?  To be done before December 2012  When you die are you asleep or not. To be done before December 2012 and the other, Is Jesus God, or not? To be done before December 2012

So God has enabled me to get the job done by training me. The person who has always been unhappy about my planned work was Satan, Lucifer, the Serpent.

So Satan has tried to get rid of me by trying to kill me in three car accidents, also to destroy me through health, stroke, cancer, and also being to busy to do the work in my career. But God has saved me from each attempt to destroy me.  In my early twenties I was involved in a car accident on Woodville Rd near Parramatta, Sydney, I was out cold for a week, it took three months to get out of  the Fairfield Hospital. A few years later I was going through an intersection on Victoria Rd a few minutes from Parramatta, where I was going through a green light, when a truck went through a red light that hit my van. I still shudder as I see the huge wheel slicing  across the van knocking me sideways. Then a few years later I stopped in Swansea half and hour from the CBD Newcastle, I stopped for a coffee, the car was on the left of the road in a parking area, when a car crashed straight into the back of my car, I was in the car, my wife Ann also children Jason and Kathryn. The fact that  I can write about this, I was not killed, I am happy about that. Then my work at Shoey’s a supermarket now Bi lo, and Norco groceries where events nearly destroyed any chance of me being trained, prepared for Christian work. My stroke happened while I was half way through my studies at the Baptist College. The first thing that came to my mind was that Satan wanted to get rid of me. And , today, 2009 I was lucky that the doctor was quick in identifying the tumor in my bowel and also the surgeon in Armidale well skilled was able to remove the tumor. This publication of Revelation you can be understood, its research and publication, is being offered while I am recovering the cancer episode. My wife Ann who is a wonderful Christian with a close walk with Jesus Christ agrees that Satan has been and is still trying to get rid of me. For some reason Satan does not want this Publication about Revelation to be published, probably, because the whole reason for Revelation, is not only to give God the glory, but also Revelation is designed to help people to conquer, overcome, be motivated, to do God’s work because of the great and wonderful promises God has made. And Revelation is also to  people who have not found about Jesus  and that they hear or read about Revelation saying or thinking, or planning, I want to know more about Jesus. I want to have my sins forgiven, I want to be part of God’s great plan for the future. and Revelation needs to be understood so this publication is designed so that you know what is happening, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Obviously, God wanted me to do a job, so I have conquered circumstances that could have either killed me or destroyed me as a person. I agree with all Christians who say, I have no ability to overcome without the power of Jesus Christ. I agree with that concept.

So now in spite of Satan attempts to get rid of me, I am now running in the power of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. In the same way that Satan tried to destroy Jesus as we found in Revelation 12, so Satan’s attempt to destroy me has failed and I am sure my work will be done, because that is in God’s plan. After I finish my work, well, my end will probably come and I die and meet my wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ,  and I will be, the same as you ,stand in the new heaven and earth and walk the streets of Zion, new Jerusalem. All things will be new, no tears, no crying, no mourning, no death, no pain. A land where righteousness reigns and God, Jesus will be living with us.

Remember, the whole reason for this introduction is to show you that I am not a False Prophet. I am sure as you read my story you would identify with me, because, you probably will be on the same journey in a similar way as millions have traveled over the years.

As a person you can find heaps about me. I have a personal WEB Site Hendrik de jong that is my name my official site is Also my ministry WEB site is titles You Must Repent. Official WEB Site This site You Must Repent focuses on my videos. My videos are on Google, but I cannot put any more there because they stopped allowing videos to be uploaded. All videos are still on Google which is good. I now use Youtube. However, all my video plus others are all on my WEB Site You Must Repent. I do have a WEB Site called Glen Innes Index a platform for Small Businesses, and Industry, Services and Personal. Have a look at it This platform of Glen Innes and about another twenty towns attached is to allow Businesses, Industry, Personal, Shops to have a WEB Site from $25.00 AU up to $500.00. You can pay more according to the sophistication of your WEB Site, the design, development of your small business or large business. The reason to give you a WEB Site is to also to put your Business on the first page of Google and that is what my business is about optimization of your WEB Site so that your Business is on the first page of Google, or other Search Engines, but I only focus on Google because seven out of ten use Google in Australia eight out of ten us Google. I  also have another WEB Site giving you are reason for buying a WEB site, called   how to buy a WEB Site from me, and to see why you need a WEB

I think I have given you enough information to know I am a real person, who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and that I am not a False Prophet but doing a publication Jesus wants written, so that Christians, you, me, others to know what is happening, written in a way you can understand Revelation.

Bible Revelation involves God Jesus Holy Spirit and you. People World End times
 Bible Revelation Chapter 1   2 & 3     5  6   7    8     10  11   12   13   14   15&16  17&18  19  20  21& 22
 Bible and Revelation

1If you go onto my WEB Site You Must Repent is the basis of my life so I do Evangelistic work as you can see in the videos there ,and over the years in my town I do public meetings calling people to remember God. There is a link that tells you about me and where I live.

Developed by Hendrik de jong..WEB Sites for Small Business  and 


Extract     Chapter 14    Finally the end comes, The earth is reaped 1 as Jesus said concerning the Kingdom of God, would happen, like a net thrown into the sea and gathered all different fishes, the fisherman tossed out the bad fish, non Christians, and keeps the good, Christians, this is what it will be like at the end of the age, the angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous.. men will weep and gnash their teeth. 2 Now, if you are not a Christian and you are reading this manuscript, note that what Jesus said is prophetic and will happen. It will happen to you, you might decide, Jesus is not for you, or you might say, God is a fraud, maybe there is a God or not. But the bottom line you have rejected Jesus Christ, you will regret that decision because when you die and you thought you will be gone, dead, not alive in any way, then alive you see the the great throne and Jesus will be sitting on the throne, and all people, that will be you, giving an account to God before him, unfortunately you rejected the great salvation, 3 How sad it will be for you, no wonder you will be weeping because you cannot undo your decision once you die. If you have heard the Good News but for some reason you said, No Way! you can imagine you would be bitter and gnashing your teeth, in a sense angry because God was right and you were wrong, anger of that fact burning in your soul. You can add John the Baptist where with John he said the wheat would be put in the barn and chaff burnt. Wheat the Christians and the chaff those who reject our Lord
and Saviour. 4

1 Son of man with a sickle in his hand representing reaping the earth.

2 Matthew 13 :47-50

3 Hebrews 2 : 3

4 Matthew 3 : 12

I encourage you to read my manuscript because it is  my Christian work. Though trained in Baptist Denomination my work is exclusively for those not in the Church and class myself as a friend of Churches though I am Non Denomination.. All mankind need to hear God’s voice whether they are in a Church or not.


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