The best way to know about me is to look at the Web sites I have.

 Web Site Hendrik has his own Personal Web Site Online

Web Site Hendrik’s Business, Web Sites, Shopping Carts, E-Commerce Online

Web Site Hendrik’s Religious Online

Web Site Hendrik’s Religious Interpretation of the Book Revelation, 22 Chapters

Web Site Hendrik’s to buy Business Templates and have a Shopping Cart.

www.gleninnesindex.com  This is my Business Web Site Development
www.hendrikdejong.com This is my Personal Web Site
www.youmustrepent.com This is my Religious Site
www.revelationyoucanunderstand.com This is my Layman’s interpretation of the book of Revelation 
You can use Google or other Search Engines to hunt information about me.I am an Evangelist Chosen by God. Not by man or any other organisation but clearly God/ Jesus, Holy Spirit chose me to do Evangelistic work.
If you were to ask me: What is important in life my family or yours comes first off course, but what is extremely important is to recognize that life is not about you just living your life then dying and you are gone.God has said we will live our lives and then we give an account to God. Most of the world people on the earth do not recognize the true living God whose traits are. Pure, Peaceable, Gently, Open to reason, Full of Mercy, Everything good. No insincerity, no uncertainty. Full of kindness, goodness, compassion. That is God.Also God wants people to listen to him because mankind is going in the end to destroy their own world. God wants mankind to change and do the right thing. To do what God tells us to do and for every person to love their neighbor. Have a look at what I have to say about Revelation Cheers

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