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A lot can be said about disasters and the human cost is terrifying millions of people die every year.
Even though people on the earth, most people do not accept anything about the living God, Jesus I serve and Christians serve and we know that even though people mankind disowns God,  God Jesus never disowns any person on the earth that lived in the past, today and tomorrow. God Jesus cares about you and he wants the best for you.

It is so important to clearly understand the God, Jesus is 100% focused on your well being and God, Jesus traits are, Pure, Peace, Kindness, Gentleness, Mercy, Compassion, No insincerity,  No uncertainty. This is God Jesus.

Unfortunately as we see in the world we have groups and people who behave the opposite what God wants people to do.

So the world is full of people who do not know the true God who created the world and the world, the earth we know is unstable and nature is unstable. The earth convulses with earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons,  storms.
As we see here in the Philippines and Vietnam and other places. Also catastrophes cause by ourselves. So we can say the world is not a safe place there can be peace but always some disaster happens and we know that is life.

When these terrible disasters happen God, Jesus cares about every person in their situation and we know that when disasters happen mankind as a whole reach out to people affected. That is how it should be and it is.

So the bottom line is the world events are because the world, earth itself is convulsing. So the world hurts its own people.

God, Jesus is very clear when he says if you come to me I will look after you. God, Jesus will look after you while you are on the earth and when you die he will take you home.

What else :
1/  If the world people would come to God, Jesus and treat people as God, Jesus want people to do to each other and the way Jesus told us to live the world will be a different place where the world is full of people doing the right thing.

2/ If that happens then God will also look after the earth. Revelation is exactly about this situation because I have the manuscript, which show mankind in fact destroy their own earth and that is why I have this Website to Save the World that you are visiting here.

If people do what God wants done which is so easy and simple look at  the earth will not be destroyed and Revelation in the Bible will be re-written because God clearly states, if I, God, pronounced some evil event is going to happen such as is written in Revelation if people repent that is change the way they live  then the evil event will not happen.

God, Jesus clearly says
Why will you die.
Change your way and live

Therefore, let us Save the World by doing this we save ourselves and our earth.

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By South-East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel, staff, wires
Updated 50 seconds ago

There are fears the death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan could rise dramatically as rescue crews reach new areas in their search for survivors.

But relief efforts are struggling to keep pace with the massive need for assistance as survivors try to get by with no shelter, food or clean water.

The country is also bracing for another storm front, with the president declaring an official state of national calamity.

While not on the scale of Typhoon Haiyan, the new system, expected to hit today, will bring more heavy winds and driving rain and will hamper the already massively difficult relief effort.

Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban City alone, and they believe hundreds of others have been killed elsewhere.


The United Nations says the world should “expect the worst” for the final toll.

The vice governor of the Samar region says 400 bodies have been recovered from just one village with another 2,000 missing.

It is the first substantial report from the province, which was the first hit when the typhoon made landfall and has been out of communication since.

It will feed concern about more towns and villages in the province, which have not yet been reached.

A major evacuation effort is underway to allow those who want to leave devastated Tacloban to do so.

Some clean-up has begun but returning water supply and power will take substantial time.

The ABC’s South-East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel says the recovery effort is progressing very slowly.

“Obviously the C130s are flying in boxes of water but it’s really not enough for people. No-one has enough water. Everyone that we see asks us for water. It really is impossible to find any in the city.

“Many people who are a very short distance out of Tacloban have not received any help at all. They’ve been walking to the airport sometimes many hours in each direction to access a bag of rice and some water. Many of the roads or most of the roads are still blocked by debris.

“We saw people yesterday, staff running water out of a stream, which is obviously incredibly concerning considering the number of bodies that have not been picked up. We saw many, many, many, many bodies yesterday and they really are just lying in the streets and in the rubble and there seems to be no concerted effort to collect them at this point.”

The aid group World Vision has welcomed the Australian Government’s commitment of $10 million towards the Philippines typhoon relief, but says more will be needed.

After an initial commitment of $400,000, the Government yesterday lifted its relief spending and said it would consider providing more if required.

World Vision’s Matt Davis says the extent of the devastation makes that likely.

“In this space $10 million is a fantastic commitment and a great start but as we learn more, as we see the genuine impact and how long the rebuild and the recovery is going to take, I think it needs to be an open conversation with the Government and the public of course.”


Security fears raised as president declares state of ‘calamity’

President Benigno Aquino’s declaration of a state of national calamity will allow for prices to be controlled and state funds to be used to speed up the emergency effort.

Soldiers are in place in areas like Tacloban, to rein in looting, and many hundreds of thousands of people are still without water, food or electricity.

At least a dozen US and Philippines military cargo planes arrived on Monday, with the Philippines air force saying it had flown in about 60,000 kilograms of relief supplies since Saturday.

But the demand is huge and the supplies are not reaching those who need it most.


“People are roaming around the city, looking for food and water,” Christopher Pedrosa, a government aid worker, said.

Aid trucks from the airport struggle to enter the city because of the stream of people and vehicles leaving it.

On motorbikes, trucks or by foot, people clog the road to the airport, clutching scarves to their faces to blot out the dust and stench of bodies.

Hundreds have already left on cargo planes to the capital, Manila, or the second-biggest city of Cebu, with many more sleeping rough overnight at the wrecked airport in the hope of boarding flights in the coming days.

Mr Pedrosa said security concerns prevented supplies from being handed out after dark.

“There might be a stampede,” he said.

Jewel Ray Marcia, a Philippines army lieutenant, says the situation is volatile.

“People are angry. They are going out of their minds.”

‘There is nothing left to loot’

There is a degree of neighbourhood justice emerging in Tacloban, with residents blocking the streets with pieces of roofs and houses try to prevent others who are not local getting into their areas.

On Monday, soldiers fired warning shots into the air to stop people stealing fuel from a petrol station, Mr Pedrosa said.

A heavier presence of soldiers and police on the debris-choked streets has stopped most looting, at least for now.


People emptied one warehouse of rice and loaded it onto carts and motorcycles. No police or soldiers stopped them.

A handwritten sign pinned to a makeshift police checkpoint near a looted department store warned of an 8:00pm to 5:00am curfew.

Also cleared out is a bottling factory for beer and soft drinks. In some areas, Coca-Cola handed out free while drinking water was impossible to find.

Officials were warning residents not to drink water from wells, which were likely polluted.

But Mr Predrosa says the main reason looting has abated is that “there is nothing left to loot”.



Thousands more feared dead in Philippines as new storm approaches A man rests after Typhoon Haiyan hit Tabogon town in central Philippines.

By South-East Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel, staff, wires

Posted 2 hours 35 minutes ago | Updated 15 minutes ago

As authorities reach more areas hit by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines there are disturbing reports emerging about the mounting number of dead.

The reports come as relief workers brace for another storm front to hit the devastated nation, with the country’s president declaring an official state of national calamity.

Officials estimate up to 10,000 people have died in Tacloban City alone, and they believe hundreds of others have been killed elsewhere.

The United Nations says the world should “expect the worst” for the final toll.

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