People Died Honour Roll

Honor Roll

Honour Roll.

As a person who has lived you are the most important person in the whole 7 billion people. As you know in the world you are treated as a statistic, a non-event.

To God you are definitely the most important person on the planet

Your name will be added and the town country and as I have information I will add a link from your name into your world and family

If you want to be added simply go to the bottom of this page or any page use the response and give me information. You can be in any area on the earth. England, Europe, Russia, Africa, New Guinea , North America, Canada, Alaska, South America, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Indonesia, Japan, China, India, Pacific Region, Philippines, Fiji,  Any Country and Town, Village Deepwater.

I Hendrik I live in Deepwater so I will start the list.

Deepwater has about 130 houses population  about 400 people 2014

Errol Masters Deepwater  Forbes st
Jim same house as Errol
Betty Gibbs, Forbes St Deepwater
Les Hill Forbes St  Deepwater
Stephen Hill same house.
Thora Forbes St Deepwater.
Bob, Forbes St South of Simpson St Deepwater.
Barbara Mortimer Young St Deepwater and moved to the coast before dying.
Bill Eldridge Young St Deepwater
Debbie Wife  Young St Deepwater.
Ernie Fuller Gough St moved to Queensland and die QLD
Mrs Paul as I knew her Forbes St Corner house  Dundee St  Deepwater
Joe emphasiania in Norco delivered groceries to him  Deepwater.
Mrs Keys shop opposite Reg former shed  New England Highway.
I will add to the list as I can do it and when information is handed to me I will link from the name to information


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