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Hendrik de jong is a Deepwater Man WEB Sites www.hendrikdejog.com also www.youmustrepent.com and Business Site www.gleninnesindex.com  close to Glen Innes and Tenterfield Email dejong3@bigpond.com or townindex@yahoo.com

Welcome  Hendrik de jong
Hendrik de jong is a Deepwater Man
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Deepwater, Glen Innes, Tenterfield, Emmaville
Email dejong3@bigpond.com  or townindex@yahoo.com
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 Hendrik's Personal WEB Site

I was so impressed to see Hendrik offering WEB Sits to Small Business. Websites as one word or separate such as WEB Site. All Small Businesses need WEB Sites because the Internet  is a tool Businesses, Industry, Customers, Sellers, Buyers.
All people are potential Customers to Business and Industry and most Businesses are Small Businesses.
You Business may be small but you are an important cog in the economy. So embrace the WEB Site World have a WEB Site and note that Hendrik as a WEB Site Design, Developer is offering you a WEB Site targeted to you the Small Business no matter what Industry you are in.
Thank Goodness Hendrik is offering a $25.00 WEB Site.  The Famous $25.00 WEB Sites
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Hendrik is a winner. Hendrik I agree. I am sure you are as well.
People like winners. So make sure you are a winner.
I thank you for supporting this site. Many of you visit weekly.
Newspapers is a winner many of you use them.
Keep trying, never give up.
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Hendrik is a friend...................................Hendrik is a friend