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Information. Photo School Uniforms etc

Yes my name is Sue Waters and you can talk to me by:

Visiting 250 Grey St Glen Innes 2370

Phone 02 6732 1997

Email: Sue Waters. Carelle's Toy Shop Well...Here it is

You can find us on Facebook

My Toy Shop is well stocked so you can find plenty to choose from. Baby, Child, Girls, Boys and Adults.
Yes visit us.
We can help you.

Visit Us. Photo Cuddly Soft Toys etc

Browse & Buy.

A Personal visit is the best to see, feel our Toys and Clothes

Experience the enjoyment of visiting and talking to Sue or
other staff so that you buy your Toys clothes, and other items
If you are a visitor in Glen Innes do visit our store.
If you are a local do call we offer Toys Clothes and more

We offer quality Toys and Clothes so contact us.
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Huge thank you to all people who have visited our store.
Huge thank you for visiting us. Thanks!
If you are a local call in. Visiting. Well! Visit us.
We sell quality Clothes and Accessories

Carelle's Toy Shop

1/ As soon as you enter our store you will notice the great layout and the quality of the Toys, Clothes and Accessory items are evident.
Thank's for visiting. Come again.


2/ As you can see it is easy to browse
our racks and large range of Fragrances
You will enjoy visiting us.
Carelle's Glen Innes

Corgi Toys

3/ Corgi Toys are fun model vehicles expecially for kids.
Built to last and played with again and again


5/ Jewellery you can afford. Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets
and more.

More Jewellery

6/ Rings, Earings
and more.
Do visit

Learner Toys

7/ Toys to help your child to learn.
You will be happy you visited
Yes do buy Toys here Carelle's

Fisher Price Toys

8/ Ask
if you cannot see what you want.
I will look after you.

Soft Cuddly Toys

9/ All Types
Animals, Dolls,
Teddy Bear and more.

Dolls and more dolls.

10/ City Girl
Baby Born. More to see so visit.

Defence Models..

11/ Yes put them together.
Panther Tank
Hawker Typhoon. Airfix brand and more

Maisto Toys Assembly Line.

12/ Quality Toys.
Chevrolet, Ford F-150 STX.
Corvette and more to see

Larger Toys.

13/ Mighty Wheels
Designed to last
So do call.


14/ You will find what you want. School Uniforms.
Shoes, Socks,
Blouses and more

More Clothes.

15/ Carelle's Grey St Glen Innes.
Quality Clothes.
Shorts and more so call.

Musical Instruments.

16/ Guitars
Different Types.
Modern looking Guitars


17/ Jackets.


18/ Nice looking Bracelets
All types
A good range to choose from.

Soft Toys.

19/ Cuddly Dogs
Wow! Go Go My Walking Pup
Interactive dog.

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Sue Waters and you can talk to me by:

Phone 02 6732 1997

Email: Carelle's Toy Shop

You can find us on Facebook


Glen Innes is Celtic Country. 4370

Carelle's Toy Shop: 250 Grey St Glen Innes 2370

Information beside the Woolworths Caltex Fuel. our Tourist Shop on the Highway. Church St
New England Highway.


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