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  • Email: Hendrik and Trading Or ph 02 67 345 209

    There are a lot of benefits working with me. You can have WEB Sites $25 up to $399. The costs are small from me and as you know most companies want your Master Card etc whereas the cost is small for setting up your WEB Site or Shopping Cart. E-Commerce. and pay me once and I simple do the work for you and being a yearly price for your WEB Site or Shopping Cart you are not tied in any way.

    So support is here not Business hours but you can phone any time 7 days a week. My office is in my house so it is easy to contact me any time

    • WEB Sites

      I support you to give you the WEB Site you want for your Business. What is good with dealing with me you have the choice about cost. That means if money is tight start with the $25 Photo Web Site and upgrade later. At least if you have a WEB Site you will be on the 1st page of Google. Advertising your Business on the WEB and being on the 1st page of Google you know the $25 is amazingly small. So contact me and get starting.

    • Shopping Cart

      I am basically giving you a modern Shopping Cart if you organise a WEB Site with me Many people have taken the Shopping Cart even though they were still not ready and decided to have it because this deal may not be here later from me. Currently I am offering the E-Commerce Cart to you and you only pay $25 a year. Amazingly there are no limits on the products. So contact me.

    • Customers

      You can have customers 24 hours a day The world is full of customers which means people, customers can buy your Products, Services any time and that is why having a WEB Site and a Shopping Cart a Online Shopping Cart makes a lot of sense. Therefore you never close the door of your Business. Once again this make a lot of sense to me and it is worthwhile for you to have the WEB Site so customers know you have a real Business and also have a Shopping Cart to sell in your Business anywhere here in Australia or any other country. Once again this makes sense to me. So contact me.

    • Do it

      There is no better time to organise your Business for the WEB. 2015 is going to be a tough year for sales. As you know going to the large Companies that offer a lot, you also have to pay the cost. I know the cost for you to bear has a price, because money is hard to get and to spend it you want the best value. I offer a good service that does the job. Do not be conned. As you know in the world today being big is no advantage.

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    • To have this deal $100 or more and I will give you a Shopping Cart is only available if:
    • Email me, or phone 02 67 345 209 Tell me which WEB Site you want. This deal allows you to use a $100 WEB Site
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