You may wonder what you should do to maximise your Sales?

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    If you have a Brick and Mortar Store then you have a location and customers have confidence when you have a store and then an extension of your store is selling Online and being on the WEB it means you can have your Business and Products, Services in a number of Towns, Cities . Cities

    • Because people go Online, use the WEB, looking for your Business looking for Products Services A Web Site is important. Your Business can be small or large it is a backwood movement to rob yourself of the opportunity for customers to visit your Business Online and with me with your WEB Site you will be on the 1st page of Google and instead of seeing a text entry which most of the Google entries are, you will have Photo word in the Google window so customers are more likely to click, visit you first. So customers see your Business and can see your Products and Services.

      Low Cost
    • You can have a quality WEB Site and a Shopping Cart if you want

      When you look at what I offer you will discover there is no better price whether it be a WEB Site or the Shopping Cart

      If you know you really should have a WEB Site or Shopping Cart but the cost is an issue here you can tailor your spending, so that you can be Online on the WEB at a small cost

      • There is simply no reason for you to say you cannot afford a WEB Site or Shopping Cart
      • Pay $25 for a Photo WEB Site. Yearly cost only $25
      • Pay $100 for a WEB Site, with a Domain name. Yearly cost $50
      • Pay $250 for a Traditional WEB Site with a Domain Name. Yearly cost $50
      • Pay $399 for a outstanding WEB Site, with a Domain Name. Yearly cost $50
      • The cost to develop the WEB Site is the set up after that yearly is low for you

    • Once you have a WEB Site and maybe a Shopping Cart you have done all you can for your Business There is a massive movement with people going Online and that involves all Media, such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers and even for me I use Google for everything, Phone Numbers, Businesses, Products, Services, News and on TV I use the Tablet to catch up with shows I have missed. I find Google quicker then opening a book, such as a phone book, and people I visit say the same. Therefore, it does not matter how small your Business is, you can start at $25 for a photo WEB Site.

      This page is to show you what I will do for you at a cost you can afford. So if you get your WEB Site or Shopping Cart you will be happy and I have cut away all the other stuff that most Businesses do not use or care about and the reason for that is to keep the cost down for you.

      Shopping Online

    To organise a WEB Site or Shopping Cart Use the Menu above to see what is happening. WEB Sites link look at the different WEB Sites and cost. Many WEB Sites you can pay as well. Contact link shows all contact numbers and also how you can pay there are a number of ways to pay. I always recommend Paypal because I believe is the most secure and I use Paypal myself.

    Contact me any time and let us do Business together with the whole focus of your Business to increase sales.

    Cheers Hendrik and Trading