What we do for Business is to work for you, give you WEB Sites and Shopping Carts at the least amount cost.

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    As a Business owner you know how difficult Business is and probably you have not bothered with a WEB Site because you did not want to use money unnecessary.

    However Businesses and Customers, Buyers and Sellers go onto the WEB first and mostly use Google. Your Customers also go onto Google to look for Products, and more people use Google to get their phone numbers. I do and I hear more and more people go to Google for most things. So your Business will win if you have a Web Site.

    If that is the case having a WEB Site is critical and you need a WEB Site not just an entry of Text which so often you see when you look at Google.

    With my WEB Sites when customers go onto Google you will see the Phone Number and see the word Photos this appears on the Google window. That lets customers see your Business itself with photos and not just a text entry.

    WEB Sites

    • If you only spend $25 on a WEB Site a yearly price. 50 cents a week. No where else can you find a price like I offer. First page of Google, A WEB Site and your Business photos as well. Why wait, contact me.
    • You make a choice as to how much you spend. Definitely you can buy a WEB Site you can afford. If money is tight spend $25 and upgrade later. Many of my Customers have started spending $25 and later for a more Traditional looking Web Site pay $100, $250, or $399 according to what they can pay. The Key Words I put on your Web Site that drive Google do the same job whether you pay $25 or $399. The difference with Web Sites as you upgrade you have more pages and Google reads the extra pages and it helps in the Search Engine. Choice
    • Yearly cost once you have a WEB Site

      Here is where the cost is extremely cheap and you benefit.

      With the $25 WEB Site I call them Photo WEB Site. The yearly cost is only $25

      With the $100 WEB Site the yearly cost is $50 for Hosting and Domain Name.

      With the $250 WEB Site or $399 WEB Site the yearly cost is still only $50 for Hosting and Domain Name

      Looking around you can see the prices are amazing and you will feel you are benefiting as a Business and you will be on the 1st page of Google

    Being on the 1st page of Google is everything for your Business or Product Because you are in my WEB Site Hendrik and Trading WEB Site. you have a number of links outside of your own WEB Site and my job is to make sure you are on the 1st page. Nearly all companies who have you registered only give you a text entry and that is not good enough. I give you an entry on the 1st page which makes you different to other entries and the fact the customer see the word photos customers are more likely to click on you first and that is what you want.

    Google Search

    I have given you enough information to know you can afford a WEB Site from me but there is more...

    What I am offering you now is the best deal ever and If you buy a Web Site from me spending $250 or more I will give you a Shopping Cart and that means the yearly cost is $50 for the WEB Site and $25 for Shopping Cart so a yearly price of only $75.

    The Shopping Cart is complete and is a full E-Commerce Solution and you can have 10 products or 4000 products it makes no different. Have a look at this shopping cart here

    This Shopping Cart I have given to Monk's Health Emporium in Armidale and pays $25 a year for it Shopping Cart Monk's Health Emporium

    In a deal such as this the Shopping Cart is a gift and it is yours and all you have to do is put in the effort to put the Products and Articles. This Shopping Cart has a superior way of looking after Specials you can set the Specials ahead of time and set when the Specials end and does it automatically.

    Monk's Health Emporium

    All you need to do is contact me see the Contact page

    It is extremely simple to set things up. I will set up the WEB Site and if you want a Shopping Cart I also set that up. If you are 2 hours away I will visit and if I am to far away you can deal with me Online. You will just sent me the photos and Content

      What I will need is:
    • What type of WEB Site you want
    • Your Business Name, Address, Phone Numbers
    • As far as how much content you want to use there is no limit. About your Business, Products, Services and what ever you like. I will simply Copy and Paste that is why there are no limits in words.
    • There is no limit in how many photos you want to use. You will need to use a Photo Editor to make sure you reduce the Photos down to about 800 pixels approx. If you send a number of lge photos the Email may freeze Shopping Cart

    I think that is all that is needed and to pay for the WEB Site you can either pay through Paypal and you can have an account with them if not you can pay by Credit Card safely into the secure section of PayPal, Paypal has a great Safety system to make sure you do not lose your money when you order through PayPal they do not take any money out of your account for a couple of weeks by then if there are any issues they do not take money out of your account. I think Paypal is worth using and I use Paypal for all my Paying or Purchasing


    The Contact also has how to pay, it can also be BSB, that is a Direct Deposit. You can send me a Cheque.

    If you buy a Web Site from me there is an Add to the Cart so you can pay. If you do not want to use Paypal simply pay the other ways listed in the Contact page

    If you have any other questions, you can Phone, Email, through the Blog, or when I visit

    Cheers from Hendrik and Trading.